ZenToes Bunion Cushions - 24-Pack

ZenToes Bunion Cushions - 24-Pack

SKU# 27419
SKU# 27419
Relieve painful bunions by covering them with ZenToes Premium Bunion Cushions.
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ZenToes Bunion Cushions - 24-Pack
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Relieve painful bunions by covering them with a ZenToes premium bunion cushion that helps reduce pain caused by shoe pressure, friction and rubbing.

That’s why we created our double-layered bunion cushions that help you stay on the go with all day comfort and relief.

Make your wellness rewards work harder for you with Foot Care products.


  • Relieves painful bunions
  • Helps reduce friction, chafing and pressure


  • Flexible support
  • Dual-layer cushion
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Self-stick, waterproof adhesive
  • Odor-resistant