Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a website where you can use your health incentive reward dollars to purchase thousands of everyday medical items.

Why can’t I buy products that I used to buy in previous years?

To comply with the new IRS tax guidance from 2016, wellness incentive programs in the United States now limit rewards points spending to be used towards qualified health and wellness products (see article 213(d)) to avoid income tax liability.

Why are my rewards eligible at

Your wellness program has partnered with to offer thousands of health and wellness products that are compliant with IRS guidance.

What items can I buy with my wellness points/rewards?

All items on are eligible for purchase with your wellness points.

Where can I find details about my rewards points?

To receive detailed account info, you can visit your wellness rewards provider’s site.

How do I use my wellness points/rewards?

Simply create an account on to use your points, credits, or debit card.

Where can I check my store credit balance on

Once you’ve claimed your rewards credits or have used a prepaid debit card, you’ll be able to check your balance on Just log in and visit “My Account.”