LadyBox Boutique Overnight Pads

SKU# 30334

LadyBox Boutique Overnight Pads

SKU# 30334
4.4 out of 5 Customer Rating
LadyBox Boutique Daytime Pads are absorbent pads for daytime protection. The pads are crafted with soft, 100% cotton and a well-placed fluid locker.
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LadyBox Boutique Overnight Pads
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Our most absorbent pad for overnight protection. Don’t miss a night of sleep because of  period or bladder leakage ever again.  Crafted with the softest 100% cotton and perfectly placed fluid locker. Our pads are free of pesticide, fragrance, rayon and dye, and made with certified 100% organic cotton.
Protect your most sensitive lady parts.  


  • Fluid locking technology
  • Expands to fit body for maximum protection
  • Made with certified 100% organic cotton
  • Free of pesticides, fragrance, rayon, chlorine bleaching, and dye
  • Comfortable fit
  • Leak-free
  • Safe and suitable for women and girls of all skin types and menstrual conditions
  • Suitable for people who have sensitive and highly absorbent vaginal areas

FDA 100% Certified Organic Cotton

Remove the sticky strip on the bottom that holds your pad firmly in place inside your underwear. Place the pad on the inside of your underwear with the sticky side away from your body. Remove the sticky strips from the wings and wrap around your underwear. Press to secure.