MedCline Shoulder Relief System, One Size

SKU# 26370

MedCline Shoulder Relief System, One Size

SKU# 26370
Designed for side-sleeping comfort, MedCline Shoulder Relief System is made for those suffering with chronic shoulder pain at night. This patented sleep system relieves pressure and allows you to sleep comfortably.
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MedCline Shoulder Relief System, One Size
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The MedCline Shoulder Relief System offers an at-home treatment for those suffering with chronic shoulder pain at night. This patented three-component sleep system props you up just high enough to take the pressure off your downside arm and shoulder.

MedCline Shoulder Relief System props you up to a 6-inch height, complete with its patented arm pocket to enable comfortable left or right side sleeping. Flexible design allows you to find your most natural and comfortable arm position for your specific shoulder injury, including adjustable stuffing in the Therapeutic Body Pillow. Shown to be helpful for tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, and chronic shoulder pain.

Unlike standard bed wedges that are just a singular foam type cut into a triangle, MedCline Shoulder Relief Wedge is constructed with four types of medical-grade foam, strategically layered for maximum support and product longevity, including a memory foam topper for added comfort. Body pillow and insert pillow filled with adjustable, shredded memory foam to add support. Make your wellness rewards work harder for you with Pain Relief products.


    • The Shoulder Relief System includes the Shoulder Relief Wedge
    • Full-length memory foam Therapeutic Body Pillow
    • Smaller Insert Pillow

This item is non-returnable.

  • Components are compressed for shipping
  • Once decompressed, fluff the body pillow and insert pillow vigorously to help regain shape
  • MedCline can be slept on immediately but can take 72+ hours for any residual “new memory foam” odors to dissipate
  • Foam typically takes about 30 nights to break in and mold to your body
  • The System takes up half of a queen-sized bed and measures 30” W x 45” L x 6” H