LadyBox Boutique Panty Liners

SKU# 30335

LadyBox Boutique Panty Liners

SKU# 30335
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
LadyBox Boutique Panty Liners are suitable for every day. The liners are made with 100% organic cotton and are soft, breathable, and effective.
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LadyBox Boutique Panty Liners
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Our 100% Organic Cotton panty liners are perfect for every day.  Soft, Breathable and Effective.  Weather you battle incontinence, or it is a lite period day, our panty liners do the job and keep you comfortable all day.  You won’t even know you have one on!


  • 100% Certified organic cotton inside and out, no plastic fillers
  • Suitable for incontinence or a light period day
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Slim
  • Ultra soft
  • Flexible
  • Small boxes make it easy to take with when users are on-the-go

100% FDA Certified Organic Cotton

Remove the  sticky strip on the bottom that holds your pad firmly in place inside your underwear. Place the pad on the inside of your underwear with the sticky side away from your body.