Cottons Pre-Menopause Pads, 8 ct.

SKU# 28102

Cottons Pre-Menopause Pads, 8 ct.

SKU# 28102
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Price reduced from $5.99 to $4.75
Cottons Pre-Menopause Pads, 8 ct.
Price reduced from $5.99 to $4.75
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Menopause is a fact of life and part of life’s journey for women.
It’s a time of significant change and for a lot of women the peri (or pre) menopause period can see a lot of
changes to their menstrual cycle.
Periods can become erratic and start less predictably and flow can be unpredictable too.

That’s why we developed Cottons Pre-Menopause Pads. Specially designed to cater for
erratic and often very heavy flow.
They have a double winged structure for extra security and they are exceptionally absorbent – and comfortable.

Like all Cottons Pads they feature a 100% natural cotton coversheet, so they are naturally hypo-allergenic.

You don’t have to be pre-menopausal to use them though…if you are prone to very heavy
menstrual flow at times, these pads might be just right for you too.

Cottons is a family business, established in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia. The feminine hygiene market in the early 90s in Australia, was dominated by synthetic products, with no “natural” choices so Cottons developed and introduced Australia’s first 100% cotton tampons.
The response from women was amazingly positive, as those who had sensitive skin, discomfort or just didn’t want synthetic materials, at last had a real alternative.