Baby Doppler Sonoline B Plus Water-Resistant Fetal Doppler

Baby Doppler Sonoline B Plus Water-Resistant Fetal Doppler

SKU# 27004
SKU# 27004
The Sonoline B Water Resistant Baby Heartbeat Monitor from Baby Doppler® with 3MHz Probe employs the latest technology in Baby Heart Monitoring...
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Baby Doppler Sonoline B Plus Water-Resistant Fetal Doppler
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The Sonoline B Water Resistant Baby Heartbeat Monitor from Baby Doppler® with 3MHz Probe employs the latest technology in Baby Heart Monitoring. This amazing device allows any soon to be mommy to monitor/hear the baby's heartbeat with ease and reduced static. The back-lit LCD Screen displays the baby's heartbeat (FHR), and an audible sound is heard in real-time from the built-in high-quality speaker. It has three built-in modes that allow the user to view the heart rate in different display modes. This heartbeat monitor is suitable for use after the 12th week of pregnancy. It gives you peace of mind and reassurance throughout the rest of the 28 weeks! This unit is equipped with an audio output for headphones or sound recorders (headphones or recorder NOT included) and a built-in loudspeaker. The Sonoline B Handheld Pocket Heartbeat Monitor also includes a water-resistant 3-MHz Doppler probe.

Sonoline B handheld Heartbeat Monitor is the best quality equipment used by expectant mothers to monitor and hear the baby's heartbeat whenever they want, even when they are out and about! The heart rate can be seen on the clear backlit LCD screen and the sound can be heard via the built in speaker. It is battery operated so it is fully portable and amazingly lightweight - with only 2xAA batteries required it can continuously run on for at least 10 hours.

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1.Easy to Record- The Baby Doppler app and device is all you need for the simplest and most efficient way to listen and record your baby’s heartbeat, kicks and development.

2.Weekly Progress-The app provides useful tips about your baby’s current size, and growing progress

3.Kick Counts-Counting kicks is an important way to monitor your baby once you are able to feel movement, especially after 32 weeks of pregnancy. You can now schedule reminders, and track your baby’s kicks conveniently, and seamlessly while multi-tasking using the notifications bar

4.Easy share option-Share your baby’s progress with family, friends, caregivers, and loved ones in one simple click. Invite others to join and experience “life” in a new way while staying more connected.

5.Accurate-Proprietary software helps filter out the mother’s heartbeat and background noises, producing clearer sounds and more accurate heart rate calculations for the most meaningful and efficient recording.

6.Stock up on supplies-Never run out of essential supplies like the sound enhancing gel for self-care! Access in-app reminders to refill, and an array of useful home monitoring products during pregnancy.

7.How to section-Helpful tutorials for you to get the most out of your Baby Doppler and enjoy better self-care and calm that you deserve during pregnancy.

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  • IP22 Water-Resistant Fetal Doppler
  • Real-time FHR display mode and
  • Manual mode
  • Battery status indicator
  • Build-in speaker
  • Output for headphones
  • IP24 Water-Resistant 3Mhz probe included
  • Backlight LED screen
  • Auto shut off

What’s Included?

  • IP22 Water-Resistant Fetal Doppler
  • IP24 Water-Resistant 3Mhz probe
  • 60g Sample Sound Enhancing Gel
  • AA Batteries (included)
  • Manual